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From the start of Aqua Pets, players are working toward expanding their collection of fishing poles, bait, and expanding their tank to hold their catch. Aqua Pets uses a simple cast and reel system with touch control.

You do one press to cast out a line guided by a meter for perfect casting and one press to reel in the fish, guided by a meter for the perfect catch. It does not take a long time to master the mechanics of fishing.

Along with fishing, Aqua Pets allows players to view their caught fish in a tank with a limited amount of space. Once the limit is surpassed, those extra fish are placed in storage and can be exchanged with fish in the tank.

Leveling in Aqua Pets opens new bait and fishing poles, allowing for bigger and rarer fish to be caught. It is a simple system where players will grind through levels to earn more experience to buy the next level of equipment.

Aqua Pets also supports in-app purchases for pearls which can be used to gain higher level items. So players have the option of playing through Aqua Pets and slowly opening new items or they can shortcut by using pearls.

Aqua Pets is a nice distraction app, but it can become a repetitive system of cast and catch.

Aqua Pets


Aqua Pets 1.1.19

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    pearls, waited two weeks for two pearls n didn't get one 'what is that' :(.
    need more ways to get pearls and th...   More